Hi Diva,

Thank you for wanting to be part of the #DITK Ambassador team. What that tells me about you is that you are a Diva who not only believes in this Movement but you want to make a difference in YOUR life and the life of Women all over the World!

We are so excited to have you on the team and we welcome you with open arms, a grateful heart and a Divalicious attitude!

You have said a bold YES to the invitation to be a part of a movement committed
to Empowering Women Worldwide to enhance their partnerships through The Ecstasy Experience. The new definition of a DIVA is "someone who is Confident, Fierce and BOLDLY stands in her truth determined to do anything that she puts her mind to" #Shavannahspeaksmoore 

At #DITK we provide a platform where you can OWN being a DIVA! This is a dynamic opportunity for you to connect with Women from all over the World and be a part of “A Cooking Ecstasy Experience To Bring The Spice Back In Your Life”.  We will select Divas from each state to become the Ambassador for their area. As a Diva Ambassador you will assist the local Divas with hotel information, finding bunk buddies, travel, and ticket inquiries. You will keep the lines of communication open for any questions the Divas may have regarding the DITK Tour.

Each Ambassador will receive a % for each person they get to purchase a ticket!!! YES, we pay you! All we ask is that as the “face” of DITK you do your due diligence in getting the Divas in your area to attend. You can do this by a number of advertising outlets, promotions and offering your special social media link all while building awareness amongst the DITK Movement. 

Sign up today for ONLY $97

What else is included? Glad you asked. For our Elite Ambassador package you will get: 

  • Free ticket to every tour stop for this year live/virtual. ($up to $300 value)
  • You own personalized Ambassador compensation link 
  • Access to Friday night Soiree
  • FREE D.I.V.A.S book!
  • Your name on our Company Website for 1 year
  • Free promotion in our DIVA bags (for business owners)

Those who are interested please submit payment and then send an email to to receive Ambassador agreement.

Divas Ambassadors & Models





Do you think you have what it takes to be a DIVA Ambassador or Model? See below for details.